Electric Motor Repair

Professional Electro-Mechanical Repair Services

Rely on Us for Your Electric Motor Repair Service Needs

Bestway Electric Motor Service can provide you with professional electric motor repair services for all industries across the market spectrum. Our single-source electric motor repair service covers popular industry verticals including mining, commercial services, manufacturing, municipalities, utilities, and military applications.
Our team of dedicated and qualified technicians provides expert rewinding and rebuilding of all AC and DC motors weighing up to 15 tons. We can provide you with complete testing, reporting, and other motor services at competitive prices. 

Advanced Electric Motor Testing Procedure

We test run AC and DC motors up to 4160 volts at no load, recording bearing temperatures and balance readings. Our machining capabilities are top-notch and include dynamic balancing and welding.
Electric motor

Our Electric Motor Repair Services

  • Surge testing
  • Hipot testing
  • Ground testing
  • Insulation resistance (megohm readings)
  • Infrared thermal imaging
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We comply with EASA Standard AR100-2015 Recommended Practices. Visit us today to learn more.
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